Pre-order "Charmed: Social Medium"; Summary and Release Date revealed + Latest from Social Media #7

Charmed Social Medium

Release Date: January 24, 2017


When Phoebe begins to have recurring nightmares of being followed down a dark and unfamiliar street, Piper and Paige try to help her understand whether these dreams are just dreams, or a premonition warning her of danger soon to come. After inserting her waking conscience into her dream, Phoebe soon finds that she has no control over its outcome, because it’s not her dream. It’s not even a dream. It’s real, and it’s about to go down.

Working together with their sister, Prue, and the reformed ex-demon Cole-who’s sworn to protect her and the magic of the Nexus - the Halliwell’s find themselves in a race to save the life of a witch with a special ability to communicate with the dead. With sinister forces at work, will the sisters be able to save this witch before dream becomes reality?

Inspired by the hit televisions series Charmed, the new novel Charmed: Social Medium continues the story of the Halliwell witches. With only the Book of Shadows to guide them, the Halliwell sisters are the fulfillment of their ancestor Melinda Warren’s prophecy that three sisters descending from her line would become the most powerful witches of all time. The sisters use the Power of Three to protect the innocent and banish evil from the Earthly realm.












Pat Shand: Pre-order my first CHARMED novel here! CHARMED: SOCIAL MEDIUM is out January 24th, 2017. X


Pat Shand: I finished the book (Social Medium) in November, and Symphony in January. I'm about this writing life. X


Pat Shand: I don't know if there will be a Season 11, and I don't know if there will be more novels. I haven't heard anything on that front. Time will tell, of course. For now, I'm happy that I was given the chance to play in this world. If this story means something important to one fan, I'm happy. X X X


: I really wish this was a paper novel and not on kindle *sighs* but i guess i'll take what i can get.

Pat Shand: I wish it was too. X

: Maybe one day? :D

Pat Shand: I think based on the size of the readership, we are currently lucky to get an Ebook. I can still hope though! X


On an interview with Adventuresinpoortaste, Pat talked about the editing process of writing a Charmed novel.


"With Joe Books, I’m doing a bunch of different things. I’m writing their Charmed novels, and obviously writing a novel is wayyyyy different from writing comics. So there’s that. But what’s most different is the collaborative process here. With Charmed, I write the novel for the editors but they have partners in CBS and HarperCollins, so essentially I’ll get these drafts with various rounds of notes. This has been probably my favorite part of freelancing, recently, because I feel like there is such a safety net, you know? When I’m writing comics, because of the fact that I will get to edit the letters months after I write the script, I kind of fear editorial notes, because I know that I will catch whatever I missed in the script. But for novels, I really need those notes because there is no “I’ll wait until I see it over art.” It’s the beginning and the end! I remember on the first Charmed novel, I forgot if it was a Joe Books editor or CBS, but they caught something that I missed on, like, FIVE or six “final edits.” I was so, so relieved when I saw that they’d found my error. So that has been a really enlightening process, and I think seeing their notes has made me a better editor and writer."

Source: Adventuresinpoortaste


Following her appearence in Charmed Season 10 #18, Amelia Desmots appeared in Charmed Season 10 #19

Anonymous asked: Is Amelia dead? I feel so bad for her

Pat Shand: Charmed #20 will answer that. I will say that she is one of my favorite characters I’ve created while writing for Charmed. I can’t wait until you can read Social Medium and get to know more about her. X


mandy944 asked: I'm sorry but I'm kinda confused when exactly is Social media being released/ is it already out???. I hated the fact that I didnt/ couldn't read Amelia's story before finishing 10 #19, kinda ruined it a little for me. Either way great issue.

Pat Shand: It’s out in January 2017. It was supposed to come out in I think March 2016, which is why I included Amelia here. Otherwise, I would’ve written it as post-Season Ten, probably. I am not involved in editorial for the prose novels, so I don’t know why it was delayed so drastically. It has been complete for a long time. X