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Anonymous asked: The previews from next Charmed got me worried, please tell me Billie is not back :(

Pat Shand: No no, that’s the most you’ll see of Billie in this season – nothing beyond that page. She has a minor role in Symphony for the Devil, but nothing that would constitute Billie being “back.” X


Anonymous asked: You're a great writer and a very nice person. Thanks for what you're doing for us Charmed fans! I totally trust you. I have a question. If CBS gives the ok for Season 11, it will be in comic form (on another comic campaign) or in novel form?

Pat: Hi! Thank you very much. You’re super nice yourself! And I’m not sure about the answer to be honest, but I will say that when I refer to “Season Eleven” here, I’m talking about the possibility of more Charmed comics. With the novels, I wouldn’t want to tell a “season” type story, because I think it’s important for those to stand alone as their own entities. That said, I have only written two of the novels for Joe Books/HarperCollins and I’m not sure if there is a demand for more. With those, I’m not involved in editorial, so I just wait for them to tell me that it’s time for the next novel and then I go write! X


Anonymous asked: Billie finally appeared again, although unconscious on the porch. Will she appear more in the series finale?

Pat: Nope. She is in a few scenes in Symphony for the Devil, but she’s not in the comic beyond what we’ve already seen. X


Anonymous asked: Amelia seems very interesting. I know that she's a novel character but we'll learn something about her first interaction with Charmed Ones?

Pat: Yeah! There are HUGE details you won’t know, because Amelia is a super secondary character in this season and I don’t want to distract from the leads, but we’ll learn a little about who she is to them and why she’s there. X


Pat: It wasn’t always the plan to bring him (Andy) back, but the possibility was in the back of my mine. Since he’s also definitely a ghost, I also got away with the fib – he’s not back, and he’s not really in any different state than he’s been since his death. It’s just that now, thanks to Amelia’s power and the horrific situation with Prue, we can see him. X


Anonymous asked: Pat you are great issue 18 was amazing! I loved dark Prue and Tribunals fight and Andys return. I was hoping for a crossover between comics and novels, i really like Amelia. What is exactly her power? I loved the scenes with Paige and Piper their relationship is great! In page 11 and 12 is Piper trying to blow up Knox but her power is repeled back and why Paige couldnt orb his heart? Please can you tell me that Piper will use her melting power before season ends? Season 10 is the best thank you!

Pat: Hey! I don’t think we will see Piper’s melting power this time around. I never took that as a specifically separate power from her ability to increase the speed of molecules to heat something up, though! The heart orb thing doesn’t work on Dominus, because he’s far more powerful than Gaxageal. We saw Knox get hit with multiple seeds, so this new incarnation of him has the power of multiple Old Ones. Amelia is a medium, but I don’t want to get too too into it. Social Medium demonstrates her power in great detail. X


Pat: Ahhhhh! CHARMED: SEASON TEN #19 is fully scripted. What a beast, that was. X We already had a huge cast with Paige, Phoebe, Piper, Prue, Leo, Coop, Henry, Kyra, Ben, Dominus, Tyler, Kareem, Aidel, the kids... X ...annnnnnnd then I go ahead and add Darryl, Andy, and Amelia back into the mix with #18. I'm a masochist, it seems. X One thing's for sure. While I think that Charmed Season 10 is exactly what it was meant to be, if I do a Season 11, the cast will be smaller X Season Ten was a big, epic, sprawling magical drama about what death means to a family. We needed that huge cast to explore that idea. X I'm excited by the prospect of a Charmed comic that feels more like my novels. Episodic, but still building an emotional arc. X We'll see. Obviously, no promises. We don't even have a publisher for it right now as y'all know. So Season 11 is a MAYBE. A very FUN maybe. X


HarperCollinsCA: Unfortunately we do not have any release information on Charmed: Social Media at this time.


Amelia appeared in Charmed Season 10 #18:

  • Her last name is Desmots
  • She describes herself as a friend - kinda sorta - of the Charmed Ones
  • Using her Medium powers, she helps Andy communicate with Darryl
  • The events of Season 10 #18 take place after Charmed: Social Medium