Latest from Social Media #5

Twitter & Tumblr: January 28th - March 6th


Pat Shand: MEDIUM is very Phoebe-centric, while SYMPHONY kinda covers everyone X


Anonymous asked: Perhaps you wouldn't like to answer this, but I have to try, if you owned Charmed rights what would you do to keep the series alive if you think a S11 comic won't work?

Pat Shand: I’ve thought about it before. Charmed sells well enough in trade paperback, so I’d probably do graphic novels every few months rather than a full season. They could take place anywhere, any time. I’d definitely like to do more stories focusing on the characters I introduced in the upcoming novels. X


Pat Shand: (...) The end of (Charmed Season 10) #19 was totally changed after writing CHARMED: SOCIAL MEDIUM. (...) X


Pat Shand: All that stands between me & the full manuscript is an all-night editing session. Annnnnd GO! X

Boom, full edited draft of the second Charmed novel in the bag! Now, it's nap time. X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, I don't know if you already said something but is there anything cool you can share about Social Medium or Symphony For The Devil? Tease us!

Pat Shand: This is a liiiittle trickier than with the comics, because with the comics, I’m editor/writer, so I can kind of post whatever I want from that. With the novels, that’s a Joe Books and HarperCollins thing, so I don’t want to step on their toes by sneaking anything important out ahead of marketing!

I do think it’s safe to share these tidbits, though.

- A new witch named AMELIA, who I think fans will really take to.
- An old villain that hasn’t appeared in CHARMED: SEASON TEN returns. No one will guess who it is, I promise.
- Strong focus on Phoebe and Cole. They are each basically the stars on their own concurrent but independent plotlines here.

- MUNROE is a new character – a vampire who rises above the limitations of his species
- RUBY, a new mysterious character, is the star of the show.
- Focus squarely on the Charmed Ones here, as they are taken out of their element.

That’s really all I can say for now!



Pat Shand: Another round of copyediting on Charmed: Social Medium. Super different from Season Ten. It would make a really fun summer blockbuster. X


Anonymous asked: Which words would you use to describe the Charmed 4th story arc that can make me get anxious instead of sad because it must be the final arc ever or Charmed BUT without being spoiled?

Pat Shand: I’m starting to highly doubt it will be the last story arc of Charmed ever. I’m getting ideas. X


Anonymous asked: I know you didn't anything about it but did you mean you're willing to write down an 11th season either on comics or ebooks if there would be any?

Pat Shand: Yeah. If there is an eleventh season, I’d be glad to write it. X