Pat Shand on writing the Charmed Novels and Comics

In an interview with FirstComicNews, Pat Shand talked about the difference between writing a Charmed comic and novel.


FirstComicNews: You write “Charmed Season Ten.” Which witch is your favorite?

   Pat: Prue.

FirstComicNews: How is writing a Charmed novel different from the comic book?

   Pat: Well, a comic book script is something I can do in one, two, or three days. A novel – that’s a far heftier task. There are the     obvious differences too, like with a comic script, I’m essentially laying out the blueprint for the artist, but none of my writing, hold for the dialogue, will appear on the final page. It’s a lot more of a subtle job, sort of a mix between writing and directing. Where, with the novel, of course the only thing painting the pictures that the artists normally do so wonderfully ends up being me and my words. It’s flexing an entirely different muscle, so the stories I’m telling here are far different in tone, style, and execution than they are in the comics. The novels also have more room to breathe, whereas the comics have to be 22 pages every month.


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