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Anonymous asked: speaking of which... I don't know what pisses me off the most, the fact that #22 is most likely to be "the series finale" or the fact that IF there's a new season (which I don't believe so after all you've said, yet I won't lose hope so easy), you won't be the writter.

Pat Shand: As of now, I’ll write the novels as long as Joe Books and HarperCollins wants me to, though. I’m writing the second one now. I don’t plan on writing anything chronologically beyond Season Ten, but there will be more stories. Perhaps even some set during Season Ten. Not sure yet. I have to talk to CBS and see what direction we’re taking post-Book Four. X


mandy944 asked: So quick question. When is charmed: social medium, coming out and will it be available in the Google play store

Pat Shand: Hi! I don’t know when they have that scheduled to come out. I’m working on the editorial notes, so it’ll be complete on my end soon. You’d have to ask Joe Books/HarperCollins. I admit I’m curious myself. X


eclepsia-regan asked: Will Charmed be getting a season 11?

Pat Shand: I really don’t know if I can flat out say no, but I can say that I’d be surprised. The sales are what they are, and it’s totally out of my hands. I wouldn’t write another season of Charmed for Zenescope, though, but I would probably write as many Charmed novels as Joe Books wanted. I’m currently in the thick of writing my second novel for them, tentatively titled Charmed: Symphony for the Devil. That will also take place between Seasons Nine and Ten, like Social Medium will.

I considered pitching a Season Eleven type book series, but I’m honestly really confident in how Season Ten ends, so I don’t know if it would be the best idea for me specifically to tell stories beyond that point. But you know, if I was struck with a crazy idea that would work for a full season, who knows? So I won’t say no, but I will say the chances for a Season Eleven comic at Zenescope are next to none, and the chances of follow-up novels are uncertain. X


I hope you had a happy holiday. I was curious if you're allowed to say how your Charmed novel was coming along?

Pat Shand: First one is done. Waiting on edits for that one and writing the second one now. X


Pat Shand: Late night edits on CHARMED: SOCIAL MEDIUM. Working w/ has been incredibly rewarding so far. I'm loving the editorial process. X


When is "Charmed: Social Medium" expected to be released?


Pat Shand: I’ve been on hard deadlines, so I haven’t been on social media much lately. I realized today that I never officially announced that I’m writing another Charmed novel for Joe Books / HarperCollins Canada. This one is called CHARMED: SYMPHONY FOR THE DEVIL, and it’s probably the most outright FUN I’ve had with Charmed so far. HarperCollins announced today that they’re aiming for a March release for my first Charmed novel, Social Medium, so it shouldn’t be too long before we have a date for both of these. X


Pat Shand: My goddess, I feel like I've been writing CHARMED: SYMPHONY FOR THE DEVIL forever. Like, "The Sandlot" type forever. BUT I'm like, off the bat really proud of it. I was super nervous about writing Social Medium, because it was my first novel w/ a big pub. When I read Social Medium's edits from Joe Books and Harper, I was flat out relieved. I read it and thought, "OH! Yay, it's good!". This one, Symphony, is fun as I'm writing it and I know it's coming out how it's supposed to. But dang! The writing/research/rewriting process here is endless! Social Medium is a big sort of fun summer movie type Charmed story, but Symphony is far more restrained. The restraint in (new hashtag!) comes from the fact that I'm am introducing a handful of new characters. And these new characters all have specific powers and personalities that need to be as dynamic as the Charmed Ones. . But it'll pay off. I think readers are going to LOVE Ruby and Munroe.   X X X X X X X X X


are they gay? Charmed needs lgbt characters!

A number of them are, yes. X