Charmed: Social Medium aimed for March 2016 release

Harper Collins Canada:

  • We are still finalizing the on sale date but are aiming for March 2016! We’ll keep you posted.

Have to say I am really pleasantly surprised as I was thinking it may be released on May like the first novel. Looking forward to March then!


Pat Shand later posted on Tumblr:

  • I've been on hard deadlines, so I haven't been on social media much lately.  I realized today that I never officially announced that I'm writing another Charmed novel for Joe Books / HarperCollins Canada. This one is called CHARMED: SYMPHONY FOR THE DEVIL, and it's probably the most outright FUN I've had with Charmed so far. HarperCollins announced today that they're aiming for a March release for my first Charmed novel, Social Medium so it shouldn't be too long before we have a date for both of these. X