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: Hey, my little Charmers! Today is the day! ALL FOUR parts of LET GORGONS BE GORGONS have been released at the same time! Enjoy! Thank you all for this magical ride we've been on together all these years. These may be my last Charmed stories for the moment, but who knows what the future may hold. (Well, Phoebe should have a clue.) X X X

My one regret is not getting to reveal my name for Phoebe's 3rd child. And now Pat might get to name her! Curses! X

And it was a good name too! Sure to piss over at least 90% of the fandom! X

Pat Shand: The books I write for Charmed will be way lighter for the most part. I just wrote an outline for a possible fourth book and it’s super light and fun. That might be more up your alley. Season Ten is a pretty delicate balance of light and dark. X

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat, it is possible that we could see the Brotherhood of the Thorn, the Ordo Malorum and the Demonic Dark Lords of the Underworld in the Comics one day? Because we didn't see much of them in the show. I hope you now of what demons i'm talking about.

Pat Shand: One of those you mentioned is coming up soon… I’m in the middle of writing a scene with said villains, actually. Not for the comics, though. X

Anonymous asked: The thing is that there many Charmed Books, but there not canon and i really hope your books are and is not just your opinion (not that it doesn't matter) but i REALLY what them to be full canon.

Pat Shand: I’m treating them as such. Unlike other similar properties that started as a TV show and official get continued in other media like Buffy and Angel, it’s been a long, long time since the creator of Charmed has been at all involved, even in the show. There is no one single authoritative authorial voice, so there’s still a debate to be had I guess, but CBS is the licensor and this is the official story through them, so I 100% consider the current novels as the canonical story. X

Anonymous asked: BOOKS!!! I think i don't know something can you tell me and are they canon? also about the last question what would be your favorite Cole's transformation: Angel, Demon, Motal or Avatar and maybe even God. Cole the God and Cole the Angel sound interesting.

Pat Shand: Cole as a demon struggling with his love versus his nature was most interesting to me. The comics are canon and I’m treating the books as such too. A character I’m introducing in the book will show up in the comics, and some of the books will also allude to moments I’ve already done in the comics. X

Anonymous asked: Is there a chance for us to see Cole's alternative reality in Centennial Charmed again? i want to know more about what hapenned in that reality and if things (the evil, cheating, betrayal, etc.) weren't exactly as they look, but more importantly it present the chance to redeem Cole's reputation a little bit more (the seer was watching him) because many people hated him so much and are always so negative about him even now. I'm just saying that maybe not everything about Cole in season 5 was bad.

Pat Shand: There is a lot to be explored there, but as a writer, that would be me playing within a story someone else already told years upon years ago. It would be something I would be interested to read but not something I’d be interested to write.

What I WOULD write, however, is a trilogy or so of novels from Cole’s POV. I haven’t pitched that or anything, but it would be cool. X

Pat Shand: Though all of the sisters get their time in the book, my first Charmed novel is basically told through Phoebe’s eyes. And Cole’s. It’s third-person, but they’re each the lead character in their own plots. A lot of it is about Phoebe’s power and what it says about her. X

Pat Shand: I like how the premonitions and empathy tie together in a way. I don’t use the levitation too often because I feel it’s not as close to the core of who Phoebe is, and that she’s most comfortable with who she’d become now, that she’s more likely to use her empathy in creative ways. I did just add a bit of levitation into the novel draft, though. X

Pat Shand: Finishing the first draft of the CHARMED novel today. It'll be a grueling session of writing, rewriting, editing, coffee, coffee, etc X

Is there something wrong with Phoebe's premonition power? None during season 10.

Pat Shand: Social Medium, the book I wrote which is between S9 & S10, has a bunch. There will be some later in S10. X