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This may be a result of the frappuccinos, but I just turned Paige into a leprechaun. It's an odd way to battle a gorgon, but so be it. X

Shhhh. Don't tell but I'm having Phoebe switch Coop and Cole's souls so they're in different bodies. X

I almost killed Prue, but that would be redundant. X


Hello HarperCollinsCanada! Is there any chance there will be a printed book version of Charmed The War on Witches soon? X

Hi Kostas! I don't believe so, but I'll keep you posted! ~Shannon


Will there be a release of the whole book like The War on Witches

Right now it's serialized. But my guess is anything is possible if the line becomes popular enough. X


Printed books is the ultimate goal, but I don't know that a decision has been made yet. But everyone involved wants them. X


Hey Paul. Will Let Gorgons Be Gorgons be your last novel? Or will you write more?

At the moment it's my last Charmed novel. But I never expected to be writing Charmed in 2015 so who can say for sure X


There are times my job requires me to research the height of actors. Related: Phoebe likes 'em tall. X


I love everything writes!

Awwww ... now I feel even better about that line I wrote in the epilogue where ... oh ... never mind. Thanks! X


Only one more month till the first installment of what might be my last Charmed story ever... X


I hope it won't be the last, but if it does, I'll read it very happy &greatful that you kept Charmed alive for many more years.

I'm glad that we're all keeping it alive. And thrilled that its life continues without me as well. X


I should say, Charmed fans, this isn't necessarily the end for me. The 20th anniversary is coming up. A commemorative book would be cool. X To be clear: no one has talked to me about that yet. But if there is one, I damned well want to write it. X


a commemorative book would be AMAZING! Who do we lean on?! :)

It would have to be a publisher to want to make it happen. I have no doubt CBS would want one. X


all u write 4 Charmed is amazing. u r the best! if they ever made a Charmed spin-off in any form u should be the 1 writing it

  Thank you so much. I'd love to write a Charmed sequel. Who knows what the future will bring but I've enjoyed the ride so far X