Pat Shand talks about Charmed: Book 3 on an interview with DarkAvengerC86 at NYCC

DarkAvengerC86 on Youtube had an interview with Pat at NYCC. In it Pat talked about Book 3 of the Charmed Novels.

Watch the full video interview at darkavengerc86's youtube channel.

On if it is based on past issues:

  • Pat Shand: It’s not based on anything that happened before, it’s all new stuff. It’s a brand new story. It’s set between the comic book seasons and we’ve done it so that anyone who has seen the show and have not read the comics can totally pick it up and understand. It’s a brand new story.

On when it is going to be released:

  • Pat Shand: All I know is that book 2, written by Paul Ruditis, is coming out in November and my deadline is in November, so I’m sure that they are going to put out a preview of the book then and I’ll have a better idea on when it is coming out as we progress.

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