Pat Shand is writing the 3rd book in the new line of HarperCollinsCA/JoeBooks Charmed novels.

Pat just announced this on Tumblr:

NYCC ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m writing a Charmed novel

"About a year ago, CHARMED: SEASON TEN #1 came out. My life has gotten exponentially crazier since that day, mostly because the Charmed fanbase is amazingly, intensely dedicated in a way I didn’t really comprehend until recently. When I signed on to write the comic, I was positive that I would only do this one season and then move on. I had a specific story I wanted to tell, and 20+ issues is a huge commitment… a commitment I was simultaneously making to Robyn Hood and Grimm Fairy Tales: Arcane Acre. But then.

Early this year at SDCC, I was hanging out with Paul Ruditis, and he introduced me to the good folks over at Joe Books. Paul wrote two Charmed novels for them, set between seasons nine and ten of the comics. Did I mention Paul is an angel?

I’m BEYOND excited to announce that I’m currently writing a Charmed novel for Joe Books/HarperCollins Canada. I can’t tell you the title yet – it’s still officially Charmed: Book Three until we settle on the perfect title – but I can say that it’s a standalone story that fans of the show will understand perfectly with or without having read any of the comics. It’s set before Season Ten, and it follows the Charmed Ones as they investigate a witch using social media to reveal her powers to the world. Like with Paul’s Charmed novels before it, Book Three will be released as an ebook first. If it gets enough support, there may be a physical release.

I remember writing short stories on my mother’s typewriter when I was seven years old. I was obsessed with prose – short stories, novels, novellas… hell, I wrote as many Harry Potter fan fic novels as there are REAL ones. It wasn’t until I was older that I fell in love with screenwriting, playwriting, and, later, comic book writing. When I got my first gig in comics with IDW’s Angel, I followed it up with a slew of short prose stories at horror publishers before diving full time into comics. I’ve written and published about two hundred comics since those short stories came out. In a way, this project will bring me back to the basics of what I love about writing.

Don’t get it twisted though, I’m not going anywhere on the comics front. I’ll wrap up production on the Charmed novel in mid-November, and I’m doing it on top of my monthly comics. And, uh… not to mention, because I’m clearly a masochist, I also took on a couple of new comic book miniseries for the first quarter of 2016, as well as a multimedia project. Maybe I can announce the first one this weekend as well.

Anyway, Charmed fans: THANK YOU for embracing me, and for keeping me so entertained with your questions, your letters, your posts, and your love this year. It looks like we’re in for another adventure together."