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I know you don't consider your earlier Charmed novels as canon. What about this new project? Is it considered canon?   
My personally feeling is the same as the comic books. If YOU want them to be canon, they're canon. If not, they're not. X Since there's no TV show to contradict them, they can be whatever you want. X



Drinking coffee and making notes on the Charmed: Season Ten #9 lettered proof at Panera. A loooot of Kyra in this one!
Hey! I'm at Starbucks drinking coffee and writing Charmed: Season 9.5 Book 2! Twinsies! (No Kyra. But I do have a Mika.) X


You don't think there's a way you could bring back the warlock from Cat House, right? He was my favorite warlock.

Sorry. Not bringing anyone back. We've got enough characters already. X

Will your book be on hardcover or paperback too?

If it sells well enough as an ebook, physical copies will be printed. I assume paperback, but I don't know. X


Many of the things I write have rhymes in them. This is largely due to the amount of magic spells in my manuscripts. X